Dark Passenger: Former CD Projekt RED working on ninja multiplayer

Dark Passenger: Former CD Projekt RED working on ninja multiplayer

Dark Passenger is a new development studio based in Warsaw, Poland, born from the “creative blood” gushed from the wound opened in its time by Cyberpunk 2077 in the side of CD Projekt RED. A study in which many former employees of the famous Polish studio gathered, led by one of these ex, Jakub Ben. The team boasts experts who have worked among other things not only at Cyberpunk 2077 but also to the much appreciated The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Dark Passenger hires employees and plans a multiplayer game in feudal Japan:

The studio already has its first project. A multiplayer PvPvE experience packed with kunoichi and shinobi. To work on this project, the studio has opened applications for various professional positions, including gameplay programmer, tech artist, environmental artist and sound designer. The title will be totally built using the portentous capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 and, currently, development work is still in the preliminary stages.

The official website, source of this article and therefore reachable with a click on the link at the bottom of this article, describes the title, still unnamed, as an online action game in the first person, which will see us engaged in cooperating with other players. as well as in fighting them, all having to worry about the threats present in the game. Experience that Dark Passenger packaging catapult us into a feudal Japan in turmoil after a “Nameless invader” has usurped the shogun’s throne. The game is also tinged with fantasy due to the presence of “Artifacts that hide extraordinary power”.

“Playing the roles of shinobi and kunoichi the players will face together both the usurper’s followers and other groups of assassins engaged in the search for the same artifacts. During the journey through these dark lands, player characters will jump between the roofs of cities, hide under the floors of country cottages, climb pagodas or sneak unnoticed between shrines and temples. The vertical shape of the scenarios will open up an infinite number of possibilities on how to act and the dynamic weather will surprise them with sudden showers, strong winds or fogs that surround the area “so the site describes the game.

It seems that the game of Dark Passenger it will also exploit some procedural elements, which means that even facing the same goal twice, circumstances could lead us to face the situation in two different ways. There is also mention of an advanced system called “locomotion system” which should allow “Incredible evolutions such as running on arrows shot in flight by other players, suddenly climbing vertical surfaces and using spears as poles to overcome obstacles”.

It also promises all the typical customization options of your equipment, both on a cosmetic and practical level, therefore choosing which types of weapons and armor to use from a vast arsenal. There is also mention of the possibility of hosting Personalize dojo i.e. private spaces in which to invite friends for activities such as duels or training.

Dark Passenger on closer inspection it is not as new as one might think. The studio has already been active for some years but, until now, it has always dealt with small tasks on behalf of third parties, such as the creation of animations or cinematic sequences, characters and assets for both independent and triple A games. on balance, it’s the studio’s first game and its very first IP.

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