Mini will bring back the six-speed transmission for its two-door hardtop models. The brand had stopped the production of manuals after the various problems in the supply chain that reduced production earlier this year

Mini has announced that it will soon resume production of some manual models after a long absence. It is also expanding its range of special edition vehicles, while simplifying its offering overall.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper

Why He Stopped Making Manual Mini Cars

Manual versions of the Mini Cooper stopped production in May this year, citing supply chain problems exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. The company’s intention was to return to manufacturing manual cars as soon as possible. In November, Mini will start producing manual examples of its two-door hardtop models, including Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works variants.

Not all Mini models will have a manual transmission

Unfortunately, if you want a four-door with a manual transmission, you’re out of luck. Previously, Mini offered manual transmissions on all of its models except the Mini Electric EV. This suggests parts may still be in short supply on the ground, with only enough to satisfy some of Mini’s production lines, not all.

Relevant changes in the special edition Mini

Other changes include tweaks to various special edition models in the range. Mini has added Enigmatic Black and Nanuq White paint as an option to the sporty looking Mini Resolute Edition, previously only available in Rebel Green. For its part, the Mini Untamed Edition adds Nanuq White to its color palette, where previously it was only available in Momentum Grey.

The more enigmatic Mini Untold Edition will now be available in Cooper S, Cooper S All4 and John Cooper Works versions, after a period when only the top John Cooper Works variant was available. It is also available in Midnight Black, in addition to the originally available Sage Green exterior finish.

Some Mini colors will no longer be available

Mini will also add Melting Silver III to its exterior color range. Meanwhile, the colors Pepper White, White Silver and Moonwalk Gray will no longer be available from October production. The Classic trim level has also been dropped from the Mini range, as part of a broader simplification of the company’s offering. Mini has counteracted this circumstance by making more equipment available in its Signature 2.0 and Iconic 2.0 finishes, such as heated steering wheels and electrically folding mirrors.

Aside from the trim changes, the return of the manual to the Mini range is welcome news for enthusiasts. If you’ve been waiting to order a new Mini because you wanted to row your own gears, you can’t wait any longer. Unless you wanted a four-door or a convertible, in which case you’ll have to keep waiting.

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