Shortly before the turn of the year, the rumor mill about the Splinter Cell brand started to move again. The trigger for this is a trademark application by the publisher Ubisoft, which is listed as notice of a new game.

What exactly happened

The website shows that Ubisoft recently filed a new trademark application for Splinter Cell. It dates from December 6 of 2021 and is therefore very up-to-date. In the description there are different categories to which the application should apply. These include, among other things “on-line computer game” such as “entertainment services”. This could be taken as an indication of a game with online components.

On December 9 of 2021 – just three days later – the trademark application was updated. So a lot is happening in this regard at the moment. However there is no more specific details about the backgrounds, about which Ubisoft has so far been silent.

Is there a new Splinter Cell coming?

It does not necessarily have to be behind it a new episode of Splinter Cell hide. Publishers or developer studios also make such requests if they simply want to renew their existing rights. But the timing of these new trademark activities fits very well to the latest leaks and notices.

It wasn’t until October that there were reports that Ubisoft allegedly gave the green light to the development of a new Splinter Cell. In addition, the well-known leaker Tom Henderson recently spoke up, saying that a Splinter Cell with an open-world approach is under development. The announcement is therefore supposedly on the program for the next year.

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