The Eolo-Kometa team could further increase its projection in the peloton by 2022 if the arrival of the fast food chain Burger King is confirmed. as a new team sponsor. An agreement that, for now, the team led by Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso has not yet made official.

However, Basso himself dropped that the deal with Burger King is done and that the fast food brand will sponsor the team. “Starting next year Burger King Italia will be with us. Seeing how such an important company supports our team and cycling in general makes us very happy”, Basso assured in statements collected by the VeloNews portal.

Basso also revealed how Burger King’s interest in sponsoring the team came about. “Alessandro Lazzaroni, CEO of Burger King Italia, launched into the adventure after being with us at the last Giro d’Italia. He was able to see how the team works, our hallmarks, and he appreciated the project we have with many young people”.

Basso was also asked if the arrival of Burger King could help the team make the leap as a UCI WorldTour team, although the Italian was cautious.

“I want to keep my feet on the ground, we do not want to make castles in the air, we need to grow and we will do it thanks to our professionalism, results and seriousness. If we are able to show it, the sponsors will continue with us and we will continue to grow. We go little by little. After three years as a continental team, we have finished our first year as a ProTour team with satisfactory results.”

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