The “Gordo” who made Nacho Guerreros’ dream of becoming an actor come true

The “Gordo” who made Nacho Guerreros’ dream of becoming an actor come true

The actor won the Christmas Lottery in 2002

He worked as a waiter, but his wish was to become an actor. To the father of Nacho warriors, the popular Coque from “La que se avecina”, luck smiled at him with El Gordo “from the Christmas lottery in 2002, and he loaned his son the money to make his big dream come true.

Nacho invested it in buying the rights to the play “Bent”, A decisive initiative for his professional future and which opened the doors to artistic recognition.

He became its protagonist and the public success achieved was such that he was nominated for one of the awards at the Actors Union awards.

Although he had already played some roles, Nacho that raffle changed his life and allowed him to leave the bar where he worked and dedicate himself entirely to his acting career.

Nacho is today one of the most popular artists on our television, his wit in the role of Montepinar’s janitor never goes unnoticed, because Guerreros has endowed Coque with a personality that had the approval of the audience from the beginning.

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