It’s not a strange decision to see studios and publishers choosing to delay the latest generation versions of their games while continuing to release them as planned on PS5 and Xbox Series, which has led many to wonder. if these games can really work. . acceptable on these consoles. Now a new case presents itself to us, although here the word “future” also comes into play.

Firaxis there 2k announced that the Nintendo Switch Version from Marvel’s Midnight Suns was canceled. They didn’t give a reason for this, as the press release says the game will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One digitally on May 11th. The fact that a game like this is canceling its release on the current Nintendo console also suggests that they may have decided to eschew the more modest Switch software in favor of the upcoming Super Nintendo Switch.

We’ll also be getting the Storm of Blood expansion on the same day, which introduces Storm as a playable character, an improved THREAT room, and more story. You can see some of it all in the trailer below.

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