Here you have a summary with all the children’s films coming out in 2023

When you have a child at home, it is difficult to go to the cinema because there are not always films suitable for all audiences.. However, 2023 is a very good year for the genre, with proposals for all tastes and which will also appeal to parents, uncles and siblings. if you want to know what are the best kids movies of 2023, as you learn about cinema for kids of all agesI have prepared a ranking for you with all the releases that have been produced throughout the year.

Many films have been released in theaters, so if you want to watch them from home, you will have to log in regularly to find out if they are available on streaming platforms. Others have come Netflix, Disney+ oh First video. You can access them via their respective link!

Ready to bring out that inner child that is still hidden inside your shell? The children’s films of 2023 are stomping!

Mummies – February 24, 2023

  • It was only available in theaters.
  • No release date streaming.
  • Note IMDb: 5.7/10.

With over $50 million raised worldwide, mummies is the biggest hit in Spanish animation since Tadeo Jones. The adventurous component is shared with this franchise, but mummies is almost even more ambitious technically, with an international proposition that has nothing to envy to the films of Disney, Dream Works oh Pixar.

Eventually, an entertaining and very well-made animated film that will appeal to young and old alikein part, because of the hoot about making the most of Pharaonic and Egyptian iconography.

The hotel of trouble. Garcia and Garcia 2 – March 24, 2023

  • It was only available in theaters.
  • No release date streaming.
  • Note IMDb: 4.2/10.

I don’t know how they got it, but The hotel of trouble. Garcia and Garcia 2 It was a success when its first opus went completely unnoticed. Maybe hide in the poster’Garcia and Garcia 2‘ helped attract viewers who aren’t looking for information and just want to get into a family movie for all audiences. If you like the humor of José Mota, Pepe Viyuela, Paz Padilla or El Cejas, this can be a good option. It’s not a good movie though.

Super Mario Bros: The Movie – April 5, 2023

It will be very difficult for another animated film to surpass itself at the box office. Super Mario Bros: The Moviebecause the new experience of Lighting there nintendo it is a total success. The story? The one you’d expect in an adaptation of this franchise: a plumber named Mario navigates an underground maze with his brother, Luigi, trying to rescue a captured princess. The best? The passion for detail and a whole festival of references that your children will love if they play Super Mario. And be careful, because I anticipate a universe of Nintendo films in the short or medium term (it would be silly not to do so).

Chupa – April 7, 2023

Jonas Cuaronson of the legendary director Alphonse Cuaronwill lead soon The deada Sony film set in the same universe as Spider Man. But first, he tried his luck with this family film in which he approaches his native Mexico. A lonely boy goes to see his family in Mexico. In his grandfather’s cabin, he meets a mythical creature and they become friends. Thus begins the adventure of his life. It doesn’t invent the wheel, but it’s a nice homage to the family adventure films that were made at the end of the 20th century, with obvious references to AND the alien of Steven Spielberg.

Hanna and the Monsters is a Spanish animated film, perfect for the little ones in the house

Hanna and the Monsters – April 21, 2023

  • It was only released in theaters.
  • No release date streaming.
  • Note IMDb: 7.6/10.

Hana She’s an adorable little girl with a passion for monsters. One day, he manages to get to the town where they live: monstertown. There, he discovers that they are beings who fear humans, with many fears and complexes. But not all monsters are okay with a human wandering around their world, and they’ll try to use the little girl to permanently cut off all contact with the outside world, at the risk of Hana stuck forever…

A perfect animated film for the little ones in the house, who may be too childish for parentsbut what teaches an enormous amount of values that they should be in every child of growing age.

Which holiday ! – April 21, 2023

  • It was only released in theaters.
  • No release date streaming.
  • Note IMDb: 5.5/10.

Tells the story of Manuela there Joseph. Although they are delighted to take care of their grandchildren, they are a little fed up with not having more time for themselves. In reality, it could work as a spin-off of Father there is not more than onebut instead of focusing the plot on a father tired of his children, it is the grandparents who must take care of their grandchildren. Good performance, but development without surprises.

Peter Pan and Wendy – April 28, 2023

A new redo in live action Peter Pan, as useless as the previous ones. However, Wendy’s bigger role or dealing with issues like motherhood They make it a very appropriate movie for kids between 5 and 10 who have started to experience what it’s like to grow up. The older ones will surely want to pick up the Disney animation classic, also available on Disney Plus, and an even better option for the little ones in the house..

mavka keeper of the forest
Mavka: Guardian of the Forest is a moving Ukrainian film

Mavka: Guardian of the Forest – April 28, 2023

  • It was only released in theaters.
  • No release date streaming.
  • Note IMDb: 7.6/10.

For many critics and viewers, Mavka: Guardian of the Forest is one of the best kids movies of 2023. Quite a merit because it is a feature film produced entirely in Ukrainea country which lives in a very delicate situation because of the war which it maintains with Russia. Without a doubt, I highlight his animation technique, as valuable as his already anticipated advances. Mavka, a soul of the Forest, faces an impossible choice between love and her duty as guardian of the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with a human.

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