IOUD continues to be America’s most outstanding team. Despite the arrival of VCT Americas, in which teams from North America, LATAM and Brazil are mixed together, they continue to dominate. They nearly got Lock In, but ended up losing to Fnatic in the finals.

Now they are 5-0 in their league and it looks like no one can stand them. Evil Geniuses took them to the third map, but they solved it easily: with the first 13-0 in VCT history, in an incredible pearl. A beating that is worth the detour.

rival of sin

The Brazilians clearly outclassed their opponents with a clear strategy. Attack executions were quick, taking advantage of the harbor walls and Skye’s initiations. Also, with good shot power, they got a lot of positive hits.

Less was particularly successful, and Saadhak secured four open wins, to secure an insane 12-0 first side result. The defending team finished quickly, as only one round was played on that side. Two doubles, one from Less and one from Tuyz, closed the match. A result of 13-0 which remains for the history of the VCT.

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