In the latest “Inside the Game” video, the team took a look at one of Diablo IV’s design pillars: play your way. The team, represented by General Manager Rod Fergusson, Game Director Joe Shely, Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson and Lead Game Producer Melissa Corning, went over all the ways you can customize your style of game and your character. Players can decide everything that can be done in Diablo IV, from appearances to skills to fighting their way through the open world. Watch the video and the article for all the details.


  • choose between five classes depending on the style of play you prefer to start your journey. He barbaric He is a master of short range weapons. He Wizard Kill enemies from afar with powerful elemental magic. He thug He is agile and can switch between short and long distances. He Druid He can transform into powerful creatures and call upon the magic of nature. He necromancer raise the dead to fight and use blood or bone magic.
  • He skill tree grants access to different abilities, passives, or buffs for players to gain in power as they level up. Unlock a skill with a skill point then upgrade it with more skill points.
  • He legend pane is an endgame system that allows players to further develop their playstyle. Spend legend points on nodes that can increase stats, modify abilities, allow new connections between abilities, or change the way a character build can be played.
  • The bone legendary items these are rare but very powerful items that can be found around the Sanctuary. There are several categories of legendary items, and some can modify or enhance abilities.
  • Many classic and rare items from previous titles will return in the form of unique items. They are similar to legendary items, but cannot be removed from a piece of gear to apply to other items.
  • Improve your equipment by visiting the merchants of arts and crafts in towns to increase item level or add slots.
  • New character customization offers nearly endless creative options. You can choose from a wide variety of faces, hairstyles, skin tones, and tattoos. Each class has unique options for creating the character you want to be.
  • The ace metamorphoses allow players to change the appearance of a piece of armor or a weapon so that it has a different design. As you travel through Sanctuary, you’ll be able to get more appearance options to customize your character with.

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