There are days Riot Games and Valorant have announced new Radiant Entertainment skins available starting today with the arrival of Episode 6 Act III. Moreover, with the arrival of this new law, a new battle pass which will have skins for different weapons, player cards, sprays and buddies for weapons.

Radiant Entertainment intends to pay homage to video games of the past, bringing great nostalgia to many gamers. This line of art is full of detail and references to 90s fighting, dancing, and side-scrolling games. It consists of the following weapons: Phantom, Operator, Ghost, Bulldog, and a knife.
What caught my attention were the small details and surprises that each of these weapons hides and that players will discover as they use them. Of course, each of them will have a personalized auction, music and much more.

Stefan JevremovicLead Visual Effects Artist, commented, “We wanted to bring back that happiness we felt when we played video games in the 90s. It’s weird to call them ‘retro’ when we grew up with them, but we hope these two who grew up with these games so that the new generation of gamers can share this experience and the joy of playing video games during this decade.

As for the Battle Pass, we will find designs such as Vandal Monstrocity, the Bounde Knife, Guardian Moondash and the Phantom Bound and many other accessories. Finally, as we already mentioned a few weeks ago, Premier’s global open beta will also be available, a competitive system that will allow you to create a team and participate in scheduled games.

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