The film of Super Mario Bros. está siendo un auténtico bombazo de taquilla en all los países donde se ha estrenado la cinta, y es ya el best estreno de todo 2023 en términos generales, y también el best estreno de un película de animation en all l’histoire. Data which, in the absence of official confirmation by nintendo or the study Lightingwould justify the production of a sequel (at least).

Much of the success comes from the great cast of famous actors who lend their voices to beloved Nintendo characters. Jack Black in his villainous role Bowser It was he who received the most critical praise, and it was the actor himself who indicated who should take over as the future enemy of Mario and company in a second installment. According to an interview in Game Spot, Black thinks the most suitable villain for a Super Mario Bros.: The Movie sequel is warioand the person who would best embody Mario’s negative counterpoint would be the actor Peter Pascal.

“What if there is a more powerful and evil villain? Then maybe I need to be transformed to help Mario and the others defend our universe against another unseen force of evil. Do you think the same as me? “

“Wario. Pedro Pascal is Wario.”

The Chilean is, to this day, one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood and TV, with hits such as The Mandalorian and the HBO series, The Last of Us, so it wouldn’t be surprising if his name appears on the table of future characters in the sequel.

Would you like to see Pedro Pascal voice Wario in a Super Mario Bros. sequel? : The Movie?

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