Resident Evil Village continues to refine its experience, and the latest patch that has arrived on Capcom’s game in its PC version fixes some of them. The funny thing about this patch is that to fix bugs, it does so by removing DRM protection from Denuvo, the anti-piracy software.

It’s not the first time a title has had trouble with this software that publishers and studios use to protect their games’ code, though it’s proven useless on numerous occasions in the past. The SteamDB website updated the Resident Evil VIII: Village tab with a note stating the following: “Third party DRM removal – Denuvo Anti-tamper 5 different PCs within one day machine activation limit.”

Removing controversial software will certainly encourage PC gamers who were hesitant to try the game in this version to enjoy the story of Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield before exploring the newest Resident Evil 4. And if you plan to start To play Resident Evil 4 now on PC (or any other version), check out our tips and tricks guide to get your action adventure off to a good start.

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