You don’t know where to find the Moonflower key in Dead Cells and what it is for? This guide will help you.

Dead Cells is a popular rogue-lite platformer, which is praised, among other things, for its highly enjoyable gameplay and challenging difficulty. In the game we go through interesting places, fight enemies and improve our character. The title is also not without secrets. With this guide you will learn how to get the Moonflower Key and what it is for..

How to Get the Moonflower Key in Dead Cells

Moonflower key – general information

In Dead Cells you can get 3 Moonflower Keys. All of these items appear in secret rooms. You can recognize them by the fact that they are covered in vines.. These locations are:

  1. First key – Walls
  2. Second Key – Graveyard
  3. Third Key – Forgotten Sepulcher

In each of these hidden rooms there are doors that can only be opened if you have a gardener’s key. It can be found in the march of the damned.

Cayo Flor de Luna – Itinerary

If you want to get this item all at once, you’ll have to work a little harder. It is because it is necessary to have 3 boss stem cells power open the door of three cells of the Remparts. These lead to the Insufferable Crypt, from where you can reach the Graveyard (you must have a Spider Rune) and then the Forgotten Sepulchre. The route is as follows.:

Walls – Unsustainable Crypt – Cemetery – Forgotten Sepulchre.

How to Get Boss Stem Cells

Boss Stem Cells is an item that increases the difficulty level when active. It can be obtained by defeating King’s or Queen’s Hand.. The second BSC is obtained for another fight with these opponents, but you must have the Boss Cells previously acquired and activated. To get the final BSC you need, you need to defeat one of the aforementioned bosses with two boss stem cells activated.

What is the Moonflower key for in Dead Cells?

After getting the three Moonflower Keys, you can go to the High Peak Castle and access a secret room containing the Acceptance Plan. Halve the number of enemies to defeat to remove the curse, but expect it to appear after the character consumes food.

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