The story of The Last Dose is the epic finale to the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC in Grand Theft Auto Online, introducing five new missions for players. The third mission in the game is called FriedMind and will have you infiltrate the headquarters of Friedlander Pharmaceuticals. Here’s how you can complete the FriedMind mission in the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC.

Friedmind Mission Walkthrough – GTA Online

As usual, Dax tasks you with infiltrating Friedlander Pharmaceuticals headquarters with the stolen keycard from the Unusual Suspects mission. Once you arrive at the designated place, you will need to use the key card and enter the place. There will be many well-armed guards, so they must be eliminated quickly. Sometimes the guards will also keep coming from behind to surprise you, so watch out for that. Bring plenty of snacks and armor to protect your health.

Then you will have to go to the top floor, which is also full of guards and a few doctors. These guards carry assault rifles, so get them out quick or they’ll get you in trouble. After that, you’ll need to search for clues to Labrat’s location.

All FriedMind Mission Lab Clues in GTA Online

There are two lab clues you need to find regarding Labrat’s location. The first clue is in the office to the right of the top floor entrance. The clue is the clipboard that you will need to enter that contains the information about Labrat.

The second clue is a key found at the back of the large desk. The key gives access to the basement where Labrat is.

gta online friedmind index 2

Once you collect the clues, you will meet Luchadora in the basement and you can save Labrat. You will come across many enemies that you will need to eliminate quickly. Labrat sits near the enemies, so make sure you don’t damage him when you take them out or the mission will fail.

gta online friedmind 3

After that, a cutscene will play and Dr. Isaiah Friedlander will introduce himself and explain his plans. But when Luchadora attempts to kill him, Friedlander creates a diversion and escapes. Then you have to escape with Labrat and Luchadora from the Friedlander guards and go to Freakshop. When you reach the Freakshop, the mission will end and you will be rewarded with cash and RP.

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