PIO and Anniquiladores closed the first season in Kings League history with a breathtaking Mexican duel

He mexican duel (even though Juan is Colombian, they live in Mexico) from league of kings comes to close the league. We could have come to this meeting in very strange situations where both teams could pass and have an agreed match. But it was something so far away that we did not reach this situation.

PIO is the team that had the most difficulties during this last day. But the team was used to suffering and it’s not a strange situation for the players. Annihilators if they had much more hopealready knowing what was at stake when they arrived in the last match, they knew how many goals to score or what to do to qualify.

player 12

O.I.P. found in Carlos Corvo a player who gives them a lot of stability and control of the game, which is why they are going to end the season with him. Nullifiers also found a large pillar with Nadir and they are saving it for a decisive game.

secret weapon

Double secret weapon in the 40th minute of play. PIO FC penalty shootout which ends with the ball out of Corvo. Fran condemns the game by throwing a sadness which puts the score 2-5 and practically certifies the victory of Annihiladores FC.

Summary PIO FC vs Anniquiladores FC

PIO FC annihilators 2 – 5 FC

The Latam derby kicks off with Annihilators marking the beat first passes. Very intense start, with both teams give 100%. It’s a party that looks like the first ever Kings League finallife or death, whoever wins passes and whoever loses goes home.

Counter-attack by PIO FC which ends with a superb goal from Lopo! Extraordinary play by the Mexican team to place the first goal on the scoreboard, a very important goal. At the moment we have to be careful and continue to control the ball, there are many minutes ahead of us.

The goal seems to have woken up Nullifierswho are beginning to have more presence in the party. Nadir He appears alone in the center of the field and sends a cannon shot into the back of the net. Superb goal from the Annihilators which resets the score to a draw. Annihiladores is comfortable in the game again, although it continues to be very balanced.

Before I say it and before FC PIO my mouth shuts Corvo outplays his rivals on the left flank and delivers a masterful pass grazing the bottom line so that cokita push her 1-2 on the scoreboard. The dice have spoken and we will have a 3 for 3! Annihiladores takes advantage of the decision of the dice to concede a goal and return the equality to the scoreboard.

The second part begins, the last minutes which will decide who will play the playoffs. For the moment no clear field, the two teams know what is at stake and do not want to take risks. Nadir steals it masterfully and makes a single player game that ALMOST ended in a goal for the Annihilators! Corvo throws a dangerous free kick who catches Dani Pérez off guard, who manages to get him out he doesn’t even know how.

GOAL OF THE ANNIHILATORS FC! Spectacular long pass that Jorquera finishes to put his team in the playoffs. Nadir widens the gap slip the ball under the legs of the PIO FC goalkeeper. We have a double secret weapon. Shot on goal for Pio and a penalty for Annihiladores which ends with a failure by Corvo for PIO and a goal by Fran to bring the score to 2-5 in favor of Annihiladores. One of the most spectacular games of the entire season ends with Annihiladores FC qualified for the playoffs.

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