One Piece: now available for free and in Spanish, manga chapter 1078

One Piece: now available for free and in Spanish, manga chapter 1078

For many, this is the highlight of the whole weekend. This quiet Sunday when after lunch, it’s time to sit down and calmly read the new chapter of One Piece manga. After a few pages focused on the action of the fights, Eiichiro Oda surprises us again with some interesting revelations.

We have One Piece Chapter 1078 Released.

Don’t miss the new chapter of One Piece manga

Below I present all the information you need to take into account regarding the premiere of the new chapter of this work:

  • Like other famous manga like Chainsaw Man or Dragon Ball Super, One Piece can be read legally and for free through the official website/app of Manga More
  • The best thing about this online platform is that it allows you to enjoy new chapters of many manga at the same time they are released in Japan, and here they are with a excellent spanish translation
  • If you are unaware of the manga story, Manga Plus also provides the option to read the previous two chapters:

What happened in Chapter 1078?

vegapunk manga
  • One Piece Chapter 1078 anticipates something many of us suspected and presents a big reveal
  • First, it is confirmed that a few hours after the events unfolding at Egghead, the world will discover something VERY shocking
  • And second, we have a surprise: the traitor of this ark was none other than yorkthe gourmet copy of Doctor Vegapunk
  • Apparently he became a mole provided he that the Gorosei allow him to become Tenryubito

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