Surely if you have ever played Hogwarts Legacy, one of the questions you would ask yourself the most in your long game would be about Quidditch and its absence from the game. The same thing happened to us, and so far we had it attributed to the fact that it would come in a more than predictable DLC or sequel to the Avalanche title, but the reason is more surprising.

Warner Bros. IE has announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, a competitive multiplayer title centered around this unique wizarding sport from the magical universe created by JK Rowling and developed by Uninterrupted studios. We know it’s coming to PC and consoles in the future (no release date yet), although it’s also yet to be determined which platforms it will arrive on.

The game’s website is already up and running and in its FAQ they already state that a permanent internet connection will be required to be able to enjoy it, so don’t expect any kind of single-player campaign here.

We’ll still have to wait a while to test it, as they’re still with limited testing, and the studio is also working on the console version of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which has been delayed until 2024, so now’s the time. to have patience.

Did you like the idea of ​​Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions being a standalone multiplayer title from Hogwarts Legacy?

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