“Kimetsu no Yaiba” features many different breathing techniques than those that come with a series of Nichirin swords which, essentially, shape the primary combat tools a Demon Slayer presents. Without intensive training and a weapon to match, it would be literally impossible to fight the demons. But, Which Nichirin swords are the strongest of all? It’s something that can really be discussed without issue (and with some spoilers).

10 – Amber Sword

  • The amber colored Nichirin sword has so far only one user: Law Uzuithe Pillar of Sound.
  • The breath of sound is a breath derived from lightning which Tengen Uzui developed in order to be able to properly utilize his qualities and previous training.
  • The amber color appears in these peculiarly shaped double Nichirin that Tengen sports, making it a color (at first glance) that denotes versatility.

9 – Pink Sword

  • The pink-colored Nichirin sword is the one we most often see reflected in Kanroji, the pillar of love.
  • The Breath of Love used by Kanroji is a self-developed variant of Breath of Firewhich he learned from Rengoku.
  • Kanroji’s Nichirin sword is peculiar in its whip-like nature, indicating that this color is a shade that can appear in very unique builds.
kimetsu no yaiba kanroji

8 – Yellow Sword

  • Zenitsu this is the longest user we’ve seen with a yellow-colored Nichirin sword.
  • This type of coloring resonates with those demon slayers who have talent to use Lightning Breath.
  • Since Breath of Lightning is one of the five great breaths derived from the Breath of the Sunthis color implies a lot of talent and power in its wearer.
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7 – The green sword

  • Sanemi Shinazugawa, the column of the windis the most striking user we have found with a green Nichirin sword.
  • Obviously, for the Nichirin sword to take on this green color, it involves a user affinity for using Breath of Wind.
  • As one of the five great breaths derived from the Breath of the Sungreen Nichirin swords usually imply great power in its user.
kimetsu sanemi sword

6 – Gray Sword

  • The only known user of gray weapons in Kimetsu no Yaiba is Himejima, the Pillar of the Rock.
  • Indeed, Himejima does not use Nichirin swords like the rest of the pillarsbut the combat tools he uses are forged from the same series of materials as the swords of his companions.
  • The gray color is therefore assigned to users trained in the use the Breath of the Rock, which at the same time makes it one of the most relevant colors of the Nichirin.
himejima gyomei

5 – The blue sword

  • Giyu Tomioka he is the most prominent user we see of a blue Nichirin sword, obviously a color related to the breathing technique he uses.
  • If a demon slayer sees his sword turn blue, it means the Nichirin recognizes him as a Breath of Water user.
  • As one of the great elemental breaths from the Breath of the Sunthe blue Nicihirin swords are also one of the most powerful in Kimetsu no Yaiba.
tomioka blue sword

4 – Red Sword

  • Kyōjuro Rengoku He’s the main user we see with a red Nichirin sword, and the reason for that is more than obvious.
  • If a Nichirin sword turns red, it means that the style of breathing that accompanies its user is that of flame.
  • Since Flame Breath is one of the main derivatives of the Breath of the Sunhaving a red sword implies an affinity with one of the most powerful breaths of all.
kimetsu espada roja

3 – Lavender/Violet Sword

  • The only known swordsman to use a lavender/purple hued Nichirin sword is Kokushibo, Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s brother and creator of the second most powerful breathing technique in all of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Moon Breathing.
  • Kokushibo could never live up to the task of developing Breath of the Sun, which led to creating his own variant with a large number of different forms. Uniquely, his Nichirin Sword adopts this tone, which indeed seems to be the one that accompanies anyone who knows how to use the Breath of the Moon..
lavender sword

2 – Black Sword

  • Little is known about the black Nichirin swords.as these are associated with bad luck since most of its users usually die at an early age.
  • However, the reality is that the black color of a Nichirin sword has a very different real implication: represents enormous potential and power in his career.
  • In fact, it is a color that only seen in Breath of the Sun users. Additionally, since Breath of the Sun encompasses all other breaths (Tanjiro is able to use both Water and Sun after all), it can be argued that those whose Nichirin tints this color will in fact have the potential to use all the breaths.
black sword kimetsu

1 – Crimson Red Sword

  • It is important to say that a sword of this coloring is not “natural” as such, but has come to.
  • Obviously, the colors of Nichirin swords change depending on their wielder, but this first change depends on the nature of the swordsman’s breath. In the case of the crimson red sword, it is a forced change that has clear consequences in combat.
  • If the swordsman succeeds in transforming his Nichirin to this color, he will have attained the ability to massively slows down demon regeneration powers with his thrusts. This is by far one of the most powerful power-ups that can be developed in the Kimetsu no Yaiba universe.
crimson sword kimetsu

As you can see, in the end the idea is that most of the most powerful Nichirin colors and swords are related to the Breath of the Sun and its main derivatives. Also, it is important to note that not because a swordsman has a Nichirin of a certain color, he will automatically be more powerful than another just because of that. In the end, each swordsman’s individual skill is what makes the difference, but when it comes to swords, I think this is a pretty comprehensive guide.

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