Halo Infinite, the Battle Royale is not liked by users according to a recent poll

Halo Infinite, the Battle Royale is not liked by users according to a recent poll

As rumored by many in this last week, Halo Infinite it now certainly seems ready to welcome the much talked about modality in the coming months Battle Royale. According to reports from Jez Cordenjournalist of Windows Central often very knowledgeable about behind the scenes at home Xboxstated that this new mode has been in development for some time at the team Certain Affinity (which recently announced its deep partnership with 343 Industries ed) and would represent an almost independent video game from the multiplayer sector traditional of Halo Infinite with the development of the whole that would be taking place for more than 2 years.

Will Halo Infinite really get a battle royale?

Well at the moment it is obviously still early to unbalance, we have no idea what to expect except for the classic settings of the game mode of the Battle Royale, which sees 100 (or more) players on a map clashing with weapons and vehicles available on the field until only one is left alive. However, according to a recent survey carried out by Mint Blitz, YouTuber Australian very popular with the community of Halo who asked his followers and not to express an opinion on the modality Battle Royaleusers would seem unhappy with this novelty, with a 63% who expressed a negative opinion on the matter on a total of over 90,000 participants.

Of 90,000 people polled, 63% aren’t excited for a Halo Battle Royale, I thought it’d be around even. pic.twitter.com/dVvwlZtIKc

— Mint Blitz (@MintBlitz) April 18, 2022

In the past the same YouTuber had carried out surveys dedicated to Halo Infinite which often expressed the general state of the game and that the same 343 Industries has followed closely in some cases to make some corrections and changes, but in this case such a survey leaves little room for interpretation.

However, it must be said that although numerous, this survey does not represent the will of all the players of Halo Infinite but only a small part of them. In addition, however, a possibility must be granted a 343 Industries to demonstrate if what they are developing will be interesting or not at the time of release.

Finally, we remind you that the statements of Jez Corden although often truthful, they are based only on rumors or rumors of people close to him so we recommend taking everything with pliers, waiting for official information from 343 Industries.

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