Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned Israel on Monday against any action targeting Iran, during a speech to soldiers on the occasion of Army Day in Tehran. “Know that if you take any action against the Iranian nation, the target of our armed forces will be the heart of the Zionist regime. [Israël, ndlr]. They will not leave you alone,” said Ebrahim Raisi. The Iranian president had warned Thursday that Iran would not allow its sworn enemy Israel to endanger the security of the region through n any country, including Iraq.

In March, Iran fired a dozen ballistic missiles at Erbil, capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, slightly injuring two civilians. The Revolutionary Guards, Iran’s ideological army, confirmed firing the projectiles, saying the attack targeted a “strategic center” used by Israel. Erbil Governor Oumid Khouchnaw called the existence of Israeli sites in and around Erbil “baseless”, saying that “there were no Israeli sites in the area”. “Know that the great power of our armed forces will not leave you alone,” Ebrahim Raïssi launched Monday against the Jewish state.

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