We have already entered the month of October and for a month now we have been seeing how companies are launching the latest batch of their titles before fully entering 2023, in which many other highly anticipated games are expected to arrive.

But there are still a few great games to see the light of day, especially this October, with releases like Gotham Knights, the new project from the creators of the Batman saga that ended with Batman: Arkham Knight released in 2015.

Gotham Knights is very close to coming out

Being so close to the launch it is normal that this week we have been seeing how new advances on the title have been published, all in order to prepare the ground for the imminent arrival next October 21.

Gotham Knights is almost here and for this reason the final launch trailer has been published on YouTube in which we can see a great cinematic with all the characters that we will bring to life throughout this new story.

Gotham Knights is the next project from the creators of the Batman Arkham saga and we really want to see how the new generation of consoles will feel on the streets of Gotham.

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