A few weeks after the release of Gizmo, it is his enemy Stripe, the leader of the Gremlins who joins the fight in MultiVersus. In this guide, we help you understand everything you need about it to be able to master it in your games.

Introducing Stripe

Gizmo’s appearance in the game’s roster a few weeks ago was a surprise. Indeed, it was precisely Stripe that we were officially announced first. well that’s it, the leader of the Gremlins in the eponymous film arrives in the roster with the new update.

To add it to your collection, as usual, you will have the choice between paying in premium currency, Gleamium, or in gold coins that you can earn directly in game. If you pay in Gleamium, you will have to spend 700 and if you prefer gold coins, it will cost you 2,000.

As for Stripe’s class, he’s an assassin. Understand that he’s not going to be an easy character to pick up at first. However, if you manage to master his combos, you will be able to quickly do very big damage to your enemies.

Stripe capabilities

Let’s start by talking about Stripe’s passive, named Grudgeholder. When he hits an enemy with a melee attack, Stripe places a mark on an enemy. This mark boosts his special neutral attackbut Stripe can only apply it to one enemy at a time.

Precisely speaking of his special abilities. His neutral attack allows Stripe to fire his pistol. however, if the target is marked the projectile will go towards the player, regardless of the distance. On top of that, Stripe can wreak havoc by dropping dynamite, attacking with his skateboard or even by clinging to an enemy to bite him.

As for normal abilities, we are on something classic for an assassin. Indeed, there are different types of attack that you will be able to perform in a combo quickly in order to do maximum damage in a minimum of time.

The special assets

In addition to all the abilities and passives that we have just presented to you, each character in MultiVersus is also entitled to two or three special advantages that are only available to them. We invite you here to discover those of Stripe.

  • Dynamite (Level 8) : If Stripe sends himself on the field with his dynamite, it creates a new explosion
  • Jump (level 10) : When Stripe jumps projectiles from his team, he gains a distance bonus and a movement speed buff
  • Feeding after midnight (level 12) : Debuffs affecting you have a longer duration, but if you cling to enemies, you pass them on.

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