Resident Evil Village, Lady D rimpicciolirà per il DLC The Winters Expansion

Resident Evil Village, Lady D rimpicciolirà per il DLC The Winters Expansion

Capcom was forced to downsize Lady Dimitrescu to smaller size for upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC

Resident Evil Village will be enriched with a DLC, The Winters Expansion, out on October 28th. Among the new features included in the expansion we will have that Mercenaries mode will boost content e it will be possible to play with three characters, among which, Lady Dimitrescu or simply Lady D.

In order to make her a playable character her stature was adjusted during the development of the game, and in particular the Capcom devs had to compromise on her height.

Speaking to Polygon, Capcom expansion director Kento Kinoshita, explained how his team adapted the three new characters to make them playable in Mercenaries mode.

Lady Dimitrescu is shrunk by Capcom in Resident Evil Village‘s The Winters Expansion DLC, when she becomes a playable character in Mercenaries mode

When asked about the height of Lady D, Kinoshita She explained that while she still stands taller than any other character in the game, she’s been trimmed just a bit, to make the controls smoother when cast as a playable character. Otherwise the players would have hit the ceilings when at the moment they blow it up.

Kinoshita also added,

Although we were aware that it would be difficult to implement such a tall stature, we decided it was important to respect the affection of fans towards this character, even in this characteristic.

We remind you that at the Capcom 2022 showcase, during the Tokyo Game Show 2022the arrival of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition out October 28 for PS5, Xbox X | S, PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Google Stadia. For Nintendo Switch instead it will be released in cloud mode.

We remind you that the purchase of the edition Gold Edition di Resident Evil will allow access to both the base game and the content of the DLC, The Winters Expansion which continues the narrative with the story of Shadows of Rose. Otherwise, the DLC can also be purchased separately from the base game.

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