Gameplay Overlap – Game News

Gameplay Overlap – Game News

now that ride has arrived on Switch, we have new gameplay. There are 22 minutes of footage available in total.

As a reminder, here’s what to expect from the title:

Step into an ethically compromised future where cloning technology has wreaked havoc on humanity, and it’s all YOUR fault! As an employee of the infamous mega-corporation Infinity Inc. and inventor of its Quantum Matter Replicating Device (aka QMRD, aka the cause of the world going to hell in a hand basket), it’s up to you to solve the mess that helped . create.

Grab your clone gun and launch yourself into a descending world of clone-induced chaos. Create clones of yourself and use them to solve puzzles and save humanity. Do it genius!

main characteristics

  • Create clones! Make endless copies of yourself with the clone gun and use your perfectly formed doubles, up to four at a time, to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.
  • Sacrifice the clones! Dystopias are very dangerous places, and many clones will encounter hilariously gruesome deaths along the way. Fried! crushed! bursts! Chopped! RIP Clones
  • Explore a world of rarities! From suspicious and friendly AI to bigoted kooks, modified corn and cloned pandas. This strange future has (almost) everything to please!
  • Think ethical! Is it better for a clone to die than the real you? Consider the morality of human cloning as you sentence countless versions of yourself to death.
  • Have a mustache! Play as a hero with soft facial hair. Purely cosmetic. totally rude

Take a look at the Overloop gameplay on Switch below.

Overloop is available on the Switch eShop. You can play it in English, French or Russian.

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