Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023, and the first DPC Major to be held in South America, wrapped up this weekend, and after the world’s top teams headed to Lima to battle for a share of the a $20 prize pool. have a winner to report.

After a long stretch of the Playoffs, Gaimin Gladiators have secured their position as the Dota 2 team to beat right now, having won every game in the Playoffs. During this run, the team went undefeated against Team Aster, Entity, Team Liquid, and Team Liquid once again (after the team dropped the crankset to meet Gaimin in the Grand Finals).

The result saw Gaimin go home with a $200,000 prize money, as well as plenty of DPC points, which will come in handy to earn a spot in The International when it takes place later this year.

As for what’s next for the DPC, he’s been back in the regional game for a while.


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