Martha Debayle and her controversial video asking for a table in a restaurant (Screenshot)

The driver Marthe Debayle is again in the eye of the hurricane for a video in which he shared one of his life advice.

For a change, the advertiser is involved in the controversy, because in one of his TikTok publications explained how to get a table in a restaurant without having a reservation.

The unkind way of asking for things was criticized by social media users, who were quick to point fingers at their arrogance. Due to the multiple annoying comments, the woman has become a trend again.

“It’s not the same to arrive at a place: ‘Hello, there are four of us, no, I don’t have a reservation, thank you.’ On arrival: ‘Hello, no, I don’t have a reservation. Four, so far,” he advised.

Martha Debayle is a controversial figure who is frequently the target of social media memes (Photo: Instagram)
Martha Debayle is a controversial figure who is frequently the target of social media memes (Photo: Instagram)

To add a special touch to his explanation, in the first way he asks for the table, he uses a regular tone of voice; in the second option, he puts on his dark glasses and uses a sharp tone of voice.

The above immediately caused social media users to explode at the driver and claim that she is rude and rude.

“And with you…. arrogant lady sorry, Aunt Marthe Debayle”; “The perfect personification of the term im-ma-ma-ble”; “What a lack of education it shows, besides being demanding,” some users said.

Other Internet users preferred to make fun of her in a sarcastic tone: “This video by Martha Debayle made me cry, I feel like my aunt!! what class and distinction!! those in sonora grill have to seat it at the entrance and even in a high chair in plain sight! What would we do without Debayle’s advice? and “I think this old woman has the same syndrome as Alfredo Adame hahahahahahahahaha”, they said.

Martha Debayle is continually criticized by users of social networks. He was previously noted for his placement tip black socks to the cans of the guests, because “they are ugly” and it is better to cover them. On top of that, she showed off a two-tiered teapot, among other things that she says are beautiful, tasteful, and well-mannered.

Even after the controversy, the presenter He launched his own line of socks for sale for canned drinks. The covers were sold out within an hour, as they proved to be a hit with some people.

“Thanks to you, we are sell at the launch of our can cover, so if you haven’t managed to buy your set, you can subscribe to The Black List to find out when we’ll have our second delivery,” Debayle said after boasting about the total sale in 20 minutes.

As expected, netizens again attacked with criticism: “The niche market for Mrs wannabe. “There will always be ambitious people who spend their money on this nonsense.” “No way, take the torn socks out of the drawer.”


The set of can lids the presenter sold had six pieces of different sizes (three for 355ml drinks and three for larger ones), all in black and priced at 289 pesos plus shipping. .

On top of that, she was criticized when she was seen in La Lagunillaone of the most popular neighborhoods in Mexico City, as it contrasts with the lifestyle it boasts, as well as its “good customs”.

The walk of the driver and her husband, Juan Garibay, was recorded by a passerby. In the video he shared on TikTok, Martha Debayle is seen in the distance, smiling and posing for a woman’s selfie. In the audio of the video you can hear “Is that the one with the cans?””.

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