PlayStation Plus is a fundamental tool to be able to play multiplayer online. But there are some who do not need you to subscribe to the service. Find out in the note which ones it is.

Playstation plus is usually an important requirement when playing online multiplayer games, however there are some games in which it is not necessary to be a subscriber to the service. For this reason we bring you a list of games so you can enjoy them for free.


We start with one of the most popular games in the world. Fortnite It is the Battle Royale from Epic Games that has a lot to talk about around the world. You can enjoy this work without having a membership to PS Plus.


This video game offers us a great adventure when it comes to saving the forgotten kingdoms, which are besieged by an army of the dead. A game for MMORPG fans, where we will put aside the classic part of the Dungeons & Dragons to get into this fantastic adventure for free.

Final Fantasy 14

This edition of Final Fantasy It is not free, but it implies having a monthly subscription. Although you can enjoy its online format without having to invest in subscriptions. The way it is free is because the game runs on servers from Square Enix.

Call Of Duty Warzone

Without a doubt Call Of Duty Warzone is one of the best shooters created. This is not only due to the fun of the video game itself, but also to the fact that it is free, since you can enjoy its two modes (Battle Royale and Plunder) without the need for a subscription to PS Plus.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a very popular and fun game thanks to the combination of two passions of many people: soccer and cars. Although it was released 6 years ago to PS Plus, it is currently completely free and gives us the ability to play on cross consoles without any inconvenience.

Genshin Impact

Although it was one of the best mobile games of last year, Genshin Impact is also popular on other consoles. This role-playing game is completely free. However, microtransactions are optional, but these will not influence the main development of the game, nor will they interfere with visiting other regions of Teyvat.


This is a Monster Hunter where we must fight against Behemoths, the monstrous creatures of the Shattered islands. Dauntless It can be played both in multiplayer and alone, it also allows cross-play between Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Apex Legends

This is one of the Battles Royale most popular in the world. This is a game set in Titanfall, where we will separate into teams to defeat others squads. Strategy is very important, as each Apex character has a different mechanic and ability than the rest. This makes it one of the best games Battle Royale, in addition to not requiring PS Plus.


Smite is a MOBA where we will take control of Gods and mythological beings to fight against rival teams. The most outstanding thing about this video game is the number of modes it presents, which add up to a total of half a dozen. Smite is constantly growing, with permanent updates and new characters arriving to further enhance this experience.


The particularity of this fighting game is that it is in 2D. Brawlhalla It is a very entertaining game where we will have to fight 1vs1 or all against all. This game does not require PlayStation Plus, but if you want to try all the characters you will have to pay for the All Legends package.

DC Universe Online

In this game we can take the place of the most characteristic DC characters, from Superman to Lex Luthor. Released in 2013, this video game is one of the most entertaining at the time of its multiplayer and have fun with their seasonal events.


In Warframe we will take the role of an ancient warrior who was caught in the middle of a war of hostile factions. With a resolution of 4K and 60 FPS on PS5, this game gives us a great experience fighting the Grineer, genetically modified clones of the fallen empire of Orokin.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins focuses on the Magistrate and the Resistance. The latter wants the magic to be free for everyone, while the former wants to control the magic for himself. From the same creators of Smite, this game features different modes, up to the classic Team DeathMatch.

Star Trek Online

This adventure takes place after Star Trek: Nemesis, where some players must defend themselves from the Borgs while war threatens the United Federation of planets. In this MMO you choose if you want to explore the federation, fight for the Klingons or if you want to rebuild the Romulan republic.

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