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Sony announced 6 new games coming to PlayStation VR in 2021: Horror, Action, Adventure and even MMORPG!

PlayStation introduced 6 new video games that will arrive throughout 2021 to PS VR on PS4 and PS5. More details, in this note!

PlayStation announced a series of video games that will be available on your device virtual reality, PlayStation VR (PS VR), in the coming months, both for consoles PS4 What PS5. You will find details of all the titles below.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar

More than four years after the launch of I Expect You To Die for PlayStation VR, The team of Schell Games announced a sequel that promises to expand the experience with more content and spy missions.

“Our PS VR agents are an integral part of our community and we look forward to new and old players to experience the new possibilities, twists, dangers and puzzles that IEYTD2 has to offer,” said Charlie Amis, director of the video game.

I Expect You To Die 2 will put players in the shoes of a secret agent with the aim of stopping a new plan for world domination by the organization Zoraxis. It will arrive on a date to be confirmed in 2021.


Fracked is a new video game of PlayStation VR with moments of adventure and action through freerunning, skiing and climbing, among other things. The player will control a hero who will travel to a hydraulic installation on a mountain to stop an army of lunatics called “Fracked”.

According to its creators, the game experience will be fast, exciting and accessible, with free movements without cinematics or linear scenarios.

“Everything is individual and driven by the player’s controls, movements and actions. Combat is not restricted either, as it combines free movement to flank enemies with individual grappling cover and a tactile weapon reload function”, said Steve Watt, creative director of Fracked. It will arrive in winter from the southern hemisphere.


Zenith is a MMO of virtual reality which immerses players in a colorful open world with scalable structures and dozens of secret areas to explore for treasure or battle groups of enemies. The combat is based on the mechanics of hitting, blocking and dodging in order to be as accessible as possible.

Furthermore, users can progress the skills of their classes in the background to suit a particular play style. In addition, according to Andy Tsen, CEO of Windows VR, Zenith will include “Lots of group content, including epic world bosses, public events, and dungeons.” It will arrive on a date to be confirmed in 2021.

After the Fall

Vertigo Games presented the four classes that will be available at After the Fall, cooperative action video game for PlayStation VR set in a post-apocalyptic world.

The cinematic trailer released by the studio shows us the zombies Snowbreed that, according to its creators, “They are nothing like your average zombies” since “They move in hordes, like packs of wolves, and lurk to attack in large numbers.”

In parallel, players will have to face other huge creatures in the middle of an alternate version of The Angels 1980. After the Fall It will arrive on a date to be confirmed.

Doom 3: VR Edition

Doom 3 It is not the most remembered installment of the action franchise of id Software, but it never hurts to take a look at it, and especially if its creators give the experience a twist with an adaptation for PlayStation VR.

Doom 3: VR Edition proposes to return to Mars with the legendary marine to explode demonic heads while we are suffocated by the darkness of the environments.

Unlike reboot 2016 and the first releases, Doom 3 focuses on the survival horror with more suspense than ever. The edition VR It will include all expansions, which translates into more than 15 hours of campaigning. It will be launched next March 26 in PlayStation VR.

Song in the Smoke

Finally, another of the releases that you will receive PlayStation VR in 2021 it will be Song in the Smoke, a survival video game in a forest full of predators and secret locations to explore.

Users will have total freedom when it comes to planning survival strategies, which will allow them to create a campfire, go hunting, create clothes or see the world.

For their part, the beasts of Song in the Smoke will be different to face: while some can be overcome quickly with the shot of a bow and arrow, others will force us to flee in terror. It will be launched on a date to be confirmed in 2021.

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