Here are the best ways to level up fast in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8: Cubic. The thing is somewhat more complicated than in previous seasons, so take advantage of the time.

Fortnite Battle Royale has started Season 8: Cubic with a lot of changes, unsurprisingly. One of the most unpleasant is that it is now much more difficult to level up , so here we tell you the best methods to quickly level up.

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Complete the Punch Cards missions

First of all, to quickly level up from the start, complete the Punch Card Missions . There are currently 15 sets of missions . Each of the original mission packs accounts for 80,000 Season XP, for a total of 1,200,000 XP . The quest packs that have been added later (Shadow Fable and Devourer, for now) are worth 150,000 XP each .

The big problem is that although they can be repeated, you will only get XP in conditions the first time you complete them , so this is only a system to get to level up at the beginning. If you try to complete them, they give a maximum of 700 XP for legendary missions , and less for those of lower rarity.

Complete the daily and weekly missions

Fortnite has changed the reward system from the beginning of Season 9 again . Currently, the daily and weekly rewards are as follows:

  • Daily Missions: 90,000 Season XP (30,000 XP per mission).
  • Weekly Missions: Seasonal 150,000 XP (50,000 XP per mission).

Keep in mind that you can only complete 3 daily missions per day and 3 weekly missions per week .

Stay away in Creative Mode

The big problem comes when completing all the Punch Cards: there are no longer repeatable or multiphase missions like in the previous season , like dealing damage with submachine guns, burning structures, extorting opponents, etc. At this point, in your game routine to level up you have to include Creative Mode .

In Creative Mode, you will earn XP for doing nothing . Literally, seriously. All you have to do is stay out of any rift when launching Creative Mode. You will earn 25,200 Seasonal XP for every 15 minutes , up to a maximum of 126,000 XP for each day .

They will not expel you for being absent and leaving your character there , that is, you can be afk during the 75 minutes without worrying the least (except for the electricity bill. You always have to worry about that, OBVIOUS).

Systems no longer working to level up

If you’ve been playing in the last few seasons, you may have gotten used to level-up game routines that no longer work . Some of the most common are the following:

  • Playing in Imposters: the amount of XP obtained by completing and winning games has been lowered considerably, it is no longer especially profitable.
  • Complete missions in Team Rumble: Rift now has its own missions, which only provide gold bars . Therefore, you can no longer complete missions in this mode, as character missions will not appear.
  • Burn structures, break trees, get headshots …: In previous seasons, there were many actions that could give you 12,000 XP for each time you reached a certain number of repetitions. However, there are no such missions anymore , so you will simply get the normal XP per action (150 for eliminations, 100 for opening ammo boxes, 135 for chests …)
  • Complete legendary quests: for now, the legendary missions provide 20,000 PE Season only the first time that full, as part of the missions of the punch cards. There are no legendary quest chains like the previous season .

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