We’re not sure the American star appreciates his new look in Fortnite … at least on Nintendo Switch. Since the last patch, many players have complained about the nightmarish appearance of some skins.

Unless it’s a special Halloween horror prank from Epic Games, it’s safe to say that watching some Fortnite skins have turned out to be a very nightmare. Very recently it was a graphic designer, Joe List , who set fire to the gunpowder on Twitter, by posting a comparison between the Ariana Grande Space skin … and its representation on his Nintendo Switch . And the difference is simply an Ecce Homo.

In the first image we can see the skin as announced in Fortnite, but in the second it is ultra pixelated, without differences in textures or the slightest molding work. A true graphic nightmare. However, let’s do the Fortnite developers justice: this is not a long-lasting bug, but a simple temporary graphics issue, as a result of unusually long texture load times . Some more modest PCs can also produce identical errors, even in-game, even if your version of Fortnite is configured incorrectly.

Don’t panic: players didn’t buy a Space Ariana Grande skin with a totally terrifying permanent representation.

The issue wasn’t just listed on Ariana Grande – many Nintendo Switch players have reported similar bugs on many other skins. And the images are still so scary.

As we say, this is still a temporary failure that will surely be quickly fixed. The problem here is that Nintendo Switch begins to lack a little more power to be able to pull games as undemanding as Fortnite, and especially its technically lowered version.

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