Fortnite: Best Weapons in Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite: Best Weapons in Chapter 3 Season 2

GLM ranks among the top five weapons in Fortnite’s final season.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 offers players a revamped loot pool of weapons. The Singer SMG and Striker Pump Shotgun have returned from last season, and Epic has de-vaulted and changed the Striker Burst and Thermal Rifles. New seasons are often difficult to analyze – take it a step further with the current no-build mode.

Today, GLM brings you the top five guns of the season. This list is specific to the current landscape, where building structures are not an option. Without further ado, let’s skip adieu to the best weapons of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.


Shotguns are hard to sell without building in Fortnite. They’re impractical from long range, and the current map has a lot of open spaces. Honestly, it makes more sense not to use a shotgun until building returns. However, if you need or want to carry one, the automatic shotgun should be your first choice.

The Auto version fires quickly and performs better in mid-range fights than the Striker Pump and Drum Shotguns. It’s more forgiving up close, as it has eight shots per magazine. Overall, the automatic shotgun is reliable and complements the SMG options well.


The Thermal Assault Rifle has re-entered Fortnite’s loot pool for the new season with some minor changes. It now has a faster rate of fire, less damage, and more recoil. Despite the differences, there aren’t many long-range weapons. The Thermal Rifle is second only to the Burst Rifle.

It’s a solid option, but not the best. It would be wiser to carry a Striker Burst as this is a better weapon overall. If not, the Thermal Rifle is still effective at range and is especially helpful in the no-build meta. We can expect that to change when building comes back into play.


Epic Games brought the Burst Assault Rifle out of retirement and changed it again like the Thermal Rifle. When it last came back, the developers lowered its projectile power. In Chapter 3 Season 2, the Burst Rifle was tagged “Striker” and given a real scope similar to the MK-7 from Season 1. The consensus is that nothing beats the Striker Burst Rifle, and we’re inclined to agree.

It fires two rounds per salvo and has controllable recoil, making it an unstoppable force compared to the Thermal and Ranger. That opinion could change once building returns to Fortnite. For now, the Burst Rifle is top notch.


Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced the much-debated Stinger SMG – the most powerful SMG in Fortnite history. Its rate of fire mixed with no damage falloff made it a necessary weapon. Even the lower rarities were usable in every situation. Epic nerfed the Stinger SMG slightly, but it remained last season’s best weapon aside from the MK-7 Assault Rifle.

The Stinger SMG returned in Chapter 3 Season 2 and once again claimed its place on the leaderboard. Its rate of fire alone makes it a must-have in close-quarters combat. The Stinger also excels in mid-range combat, so make sure you’re carrying one of these or the next weapon on this list.


The Combat SMG originally appeared in Chapter 2 Season 8 but never made it into the game. Instead, fans funded the Combat Assault Rifle and left the SMG behind. As we know, Epic likes to resort to different weapons here and there. Chapter 3 Season 2 was the Combat SMG’s in-game debut, and it’s the one worth picking up.

All rarities have it all. If you can overcome the recoil, the Combat SMG will shred your opponent’s health in no time. This weapon is particularly effective in the current no-build mode, as close- and medium-range combat often occurs. You should prioritize the Combat SMG with its 12 rate of fire, 240-288 DPS and 32 rounds per magazine.

Customizations aside, these weapons should be the core of your loadout. Epic Games plans to bring building mechanics back in a few days, so these leaderboards are subject to change.

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