Playism has announced that Ib, a 2D exploration game, is coming to Switch. The title is due out in spring 2023.

A girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents. While examining the various works of art, Ib suddenly realizes that she is alone. As she searches for someone, anyone, more, the museum begins to change…

A 2D exploration adventure game set in a creepy and mysterious art gallery.
Survey the area around you, discover items and deactivate traps to find your way out of the strange gallery.

key features

・A mysterious adventure set in an art gallery full of puzzles to solve.
・Beautifully designed pixel art artwork.
・Basic controls consist of movement and one button interaction (talk), enjoyable by players of all skill levels.
・Seven different endings to unlock based on the player’s actions and choices.
・Upon completion, you will be rewarded with the True Guertena exhibit where you can collect artwork found throughout the game, and will be able to visit an additional dungeon that you were unable to access in your first playthrough.

New features

This game is a remake of the 2D exploration adventure title Ib, set in a spooky and mysterious art gallery and originally released in February 2012. Virtually all graphics have been updated, with many improved and added effects as well.

Significantly improved screen resolution and graphics allow gamers to experience a classic in a whole new light.

・Brand new graphics for maps, characters, and photos.
・Addition of completely new and redesigned artwork.
・Further improvements on the original concept of making the game fun to play
・Players of all levels through optimizations of the many puzzles in the game.
・New puzzles, effects, and tricks that were not present in the original.
・Added “Zoom Mode” to improve visibility, allowing players to spot small items more easily and view the many works of art in greater detail.
・The new “Chat System” allows companions to offer hints and strike up a conversation.
・New background music composed specifically for the new version.

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