The gaming PC modding community isn’t resting on its laurels, and Reddit user HorstJt, aka Ter Horst Customs, has modded his system so that he doesn’t even need a monitor. That said, you’ll probably want to use one anyway.

In most cases, a modified PC will still have all the necessary accessories, but not so much in this case. By tweaking a Fractal Torrent system, the modder has managed to make his machine play happily without the need for a proper monitor.

Now, just to be clear, that doesn’t mean this custom PC doesn’t have a display output, just opt ​​for something much smaller. Overall, the system wouldn’t look out of place next to the best gaming PC, as it packs an Intel Core i7-10700K CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, both of which pair nicely with the best games. Monitor options in the market.

What we’re talking about is the 7-inch Lumen display that Ter Horst Customs has added to the bottom of their machine. It may feel a bit small, necessitating the need to sit a bit closer during use, but you’ll certainly be able to play Doom on it. You may need to squint a bit.

While you can see the EKWB YouTube channel in the background, this is a nod to when the brand branded the original gaming PC back in May 2022. Spoiler alert: It was understandably very well received even before Tor Horst Customs added the screen.

The screen was a late revision made on the recommendation of EKWB, and it really ties the build together. However, it is mainly used as a sensor panel to monitor hardware temperatures and voltage rather than playing games.

Some would say that learning how to build a gaming PC is the most exciting aspect of computer ownership, but we can only hope to pull off something so clean. We agree with EKWB here that this system should never be disarmed. You can check the creator’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube to see more builds from Ter Horst Customs.

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