Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo surprised gamers yesterday by announcing what sounds like a new Monster Hunter-style IP. But that’s not all, companies are also jumping on the Japan setup bandwagon. All we’ve been told so far is that it will be “the next great hunting game” set in fantasy feudal Japan, providing a “true AAA experience.”

Will the hunting game from EA and Koei Temco be a new rival to Monster Hunter?

Details about the mystery game are scant and the only artwork we’ve seen is the header image above. But that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that EA and Koei Tecmo are working on a new Monster Hunter-esque IP given the worldwide success of the Capcom series. Add to that the idea of ​​a fantasy setting created by none other than Koei Temco’s Omega Force team, which has successful franchises like Dynasty Warriors in its portfolio, and fans might be right here.

In its press release, EA said that after the success of its EA Originals games like Knockout City and It Takes Two, it is “thrilled” to partner with Omega Force on the hunting game. However, this time around, EA is going for a AAA collaboration rather than standalone hits.

“It’s an honor to partner with EA Originals and be supported by a team with such an incredible track record of launching innovative new games,” said Koei Tecmo Executive Vice President Yosuke Hayashi. “Aggregating Electronic Arts’ global resources with our own will help us introduce a new type of hunting game to a global audience of gamers and expand our reach into global markets. I am really looking forward to the day when gamers all over the world can play this new game.”

EA Partners General Manager Jeff Gamon has said that the “innovative new adventure” will be shown later this month.

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