Square Enix announced that Babylon’s Fall will close early next year. As of today, September 13, 2022, all sales of premium in-game currency have been suspended. Sales of the digital and physical version of the game itself will also drop, though the game is still available as of this writing. Babylon’s fall is scheduled to shut down on February 27, 2023. The game first released on February 28, 2022, making it almost exactly a year old when the service ends.

Since the fall of babylon team was proclaiming in May 2022 that the game was not going away, it seems that the game never really recovered from an initial negative perception, with few players returning to the game after the initial launch bubble. Although its initial crossover event with NieR Automata went as scheduled in March, the team put its content plans on hold to “reassess” the game’s future.

As for what will happen from now on, the notice on the official site (web archive link here) announcing the babylon shutdown says that the team has abandoned plans for “large-scale updates.” Instead, Season 2 of ongoing content will run until November 29, 2022 as scheduled. It will then lead into the final season, where the remaining players can earn their Season 2 ranking rewards. The team intends to implement as many remaining events and content initiatives as possible before the final day. According to a schedule on the site, at least three more waves of Event Missions will be released before the end of the service.

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