The streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is a high-reach streamer on Twitch, where she already has 2.8 million followers and more than 19,000 subscribers. Income on Twitch can come from various sources – in addition to paid subscriptions and donations, advertisements that are placed before or during the stream are a possible source of money.

This is now apparently no longer available for the “hot tub” streamer. The ability to run advertisements on their videos has been suspended by Twitch without notice or explanation. The only reason was that – according to Twitch – their streams are “not ad-friendly”.


The streamer writes on Twitter: “Yesterday I was informed that Twitch has suspended advertising on my channel indefinitely. Twitch has not responded in any way. I had to initiate the conversation after I noticed that all advertising revenue from my channel analytics had disappeared without warning ”.

In her next tweet, she sends a warning to all streamers: “This sets an alarming precedent and serves as a clear warning that even if the content allegedly does not violate the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, Twitch may, at its sole discretion, target individual channels and partially or completely demonetize them.“

She herself is currently polarizing with her “hot tub” streams, which the German streamer MontanaBlack has already commented on. On a new stream, Siragusa said their monthly advertising revenue was around $ 40,000 prior to the suspension.

That amount is greater than the monthly donations she receives, she said. However, it is “diversified” and therefore not completely dependent on Twitch. Despite everything, demonetization should not drive the 27-year-old into financial ruin.

Hot Tub-Streams

Predominantly female streamers film themselves while wearing swimwear, sitting in a hot tub and actively interacting with the chat and the audience.

Although the concept is obviously designed to show as much bare skin as possible and thus encourage interactions such as donations, the streams did not significantly violate Twitch’s guidelines. Because the streamers are in the water, the bikini is the appropriate swimwear for women. This bypasses Twitch’s rules of nudity.

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