With the recent controversy of Diablo Immortal and its excessive load on micro transactions, the sights are set on Diablo 4, a game that has not been released yet, but it seems that the community has already risen up against Blizzard’s abusive policies to scratch more money. Due to all the pressure from users, Blizzard developers have been forceful with their response, arguing that the game will not be pay to win.

During the quarterly update, game director Joe Shely has given very interesting previews of how character creation and leveling will work. It will be a seasonal model, in which players will have to start from scratch with the change of season; To advance, they will have a pass where they will unlock rewards to improve and level up. And here is the question, will there be pay to win elements?

All Diablo 4 micro transactions will be cosmetic, according to Blizzard

This, along with the model point limit in Diablo 4, ensures that your effort and skill, measured by both dexterity and theory-building, determine how powerful your character becomes. It also allows players who missed the last season to participate.

The fear of the users is justified, nobody wants a game to stagnate because of a measure that directly affects those who cannot afford to spend money. Also, as in Diablo Inmortal, the fact that a game is pay to win promotes compulsive spending in users.

For everyone’s peace, the developers have announced that Diablo 4 will not have models to advance the game through money, yes, we have to trust because they have not shown any of this, since it has recently been revealed that Blizzard made a price survey among collaborators, preparing the ground for micro transactions.

The shop sells cosmetics in exchange for premium currency. Cosmetics give players even more options to customize the visual appearance of their characters. Nothing offered in the Store gives you a direct or indirect gaming advantage. So while many of these may seem like powerful pieces of gear, they don’t have in-game stats.

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