Game director Wyatt Cheng believes that some negative aspects of Diablo Immortal are based on misinformation.

Whether on PC or mobile (iOS/Android), Diablo Immortal offers players to use real money to try to acquire powerful legendary gems, one of the three pillars of progression along with ordinary equipment and XP level, which can be used to improve a character in the post game. It was clarified that higher level Legendary Gems cannot currently be earned by players who do not pay for them with real money, and it was estimated that fully upgrading a character after play would cost up to $110,000 worth of gems. And players can’t even buy legendary gems. Instead, they are obtained from Legendary Crests, which are lootboxes.

The fans therefore did not hesitate to express their anger at this way of doing things, especially when the American publisher Blizzard Entertainment claimed that there would be no way to acquire powerful gear or rank up with money. No doubt overwhelmed by events, Wyatt Cheng wanted to defend himself against the attack of certain players on the networks, but the answers are… lunar: “King doesn’t justify charging $100 for a bunch of lives in Candy Crush, why should we feel the need to apologize for a game that cost over $50 million and six years to make? (…) I don’t like misleading information. There’s a difference between gamers who like or dislike a game based on its merits (which I can accept, not all games are for everyone) and those who like or dislike a game based on the misinformation surrounding it.”

The negativity surrounding this new installment has caused Diablo Immortal to be the target of review bombing on Metacritic. Its user score is just 0.7, the third-worst user score in Blizzard history.

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