There will be no loot boxes and prize boxes

Blizzard confirms that Diablo 4 it will not be pay to win, silencing all those who had assumed that the software house had decided to take this direction for the new chapter of the series. As we mentioned in recent days, Diablo 4 will have a Battle Pass with cosmetic items and in-game currency, but there will be no pay to win loot boxes and it is not possible to purchase upgrades that affect the statistics of the characters.

Blizzard confirms that Diablo 4 will not be pay to win

“Cosmetic items give players many customization possibilities, but there will be no purchase that can guarantee gameplay benefits. Some cosmetic items may seem very strong and have a powerful aura but they do not in any way affect the stats“.

It is therefore the same strategy that Blizzard has in mind to adopt for Overwatch 2 which will also have a Battle Pass and a shop for the purchase of cosmetic items, but it will not be possible in any way to buy items that can favor a player who spends more against one who spends less since there will be no items for sale that will improve the statistics of the individual characters.

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