Publisher Milestone has announced that this year’s installment of the long-running MotoGP franchise, MotoGP 23, will be coming to Switch on June 8 and has shared a trailer for the game, along with some details on what’s included. in this year’s iteration. . In particular, community feedback resulted in the inclusion of Dynamic Weather and improved AI. Unfortunately, neither Flag-to-Flag nor crossplay will be available on the Switch version of the title.

Among the most important features of MotoGP23 is the design of the career mode, created to give players the freedom to build their own path to becoming a legend on two wheels. The introduction of tipping points will affect career paths based on the performance achieved and the decisions made by each player. After debuting in the later part of a Moto3 season, it will be possible to advance faster through the different classes based on results; Finding a contract won’t be easy, however, as each team will only have two spots and players will have to compete with the official runners to take their spot. Turning points will also influence the development of the bike during in-season testing, with specific challenges to accelerate evolution. This year the rivalries will not be limited to the track; for the first time, MotoGP23 will also have a social network to interact with riders, teams and manufacturers. Like in real life, it will be the perfect place to make friends and rivals, as the AI ​​will behave differently during races depending on how players act on the social network.

At the request of the community, two new features will take the simulation to a whole new level of realism. Thanks to the introduction of Dynamic Weather, a dry race can now quickly turn into wet mayhem, where skill and strategy will make all the difference. Thus, the race can be declared flag to flag* with the possibility of returning to the pit lane and changing bikes to gain a strategic advantage. Advanced AI will finally ensure that riders’ behavior on the track is more consistent with their actual racing style, as each rider will have a unique personality that will directly affect their actions while racing.

Addressing the needs of both experienced and novice players, new riding aids for brakes, acceleration and handling will deliver an accessible and challenging gaming experience so everyone can experience the thrill of real MotoGP, regardless of skill level. starting skill. In addition, the famous MotoGP Academy is back to help players learn the basics or perfect their style through dedicated training sessions.

MotoGP23 will also offer multiplayer options, both online and offline. For the first time, crossplay** will allow you to compete against other players regardless of platform and console generation, while new ranked races will ensure fair battles by pitting players of the same rank against each other . And local 2-player split-screen* is back to let players challenge friends side-by-side on the couch.

Finally, graphic editors for the helmet, decal, race number and rear patch will allow players to show off their style, making their MotoGP journey even more unique.

*Flag to flag and split screen not available on Nintendo Switch versions
**Crossplay is not available on PC and Nintendo Switch versions

MotoGP 23 will launch on Switch on June 8.

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