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Expected for the end of the year, the new FPS from DICE and Electronic Arts for old and new generation consoles would be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3.

Often well informed about the Call of Duty license of the American publisher Activision, insider Tom Henderson claims to have several information on the next Battlefield from EA. The latter would be developed by two different teams, one focusing on the next-gen version (PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC) with multiplayer clashes with up to 128 participants and the other on the current version. -gen (PS4, Xbox One) with multiplayer clashes for up to 64 participants.

Battlefield 6 will relaunch the license with a new formula

The graphics (4K, 120fps, Ray Tracing) and the destruction of the scenery would obviously be more impressive on the new machines from Sony and Microsoft. Modern reboot inspired by Battlefield 3, the FPS of DICE should also surf on the mode of Battle Royale to compete with Call of Duty: Warzone with undoubtedly a regular follow-up and a free-to-play format to attract different players. Note that the official name of Battlefield 6 should be… Battlefield.

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