Carlos Holmes Trujillo’s brother denies that the Ministry of Defense is intubated and in an induced coma

Carlos Holmes Trujillo’s brother denies that the Ministry of Defense is intubated and in an induced coma

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Since the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, was hospitalized for testing positive for coronavirus, there have been several comments and speculations that have been made about his state of health. In fact, on WhatsApp an audio of a woman who assures that the head of that portfolio is in “Induced coma, tubed and very serious.” The minister’s relatives denied those claims.

The minister’s brother, José Renán Trujillo, spoke with various media in the country and, on his Twitter account, published some trills that refer to the state of health of Carlos Holmes Trujillo. On the one hand, José Renán told the Blu Radio station that his brother, who is 69 years old, who is known in the Trujillo family as “Junior”, he has not yet stepped on an intensive care unit.

In addition, in dialogue with Néstor Morales, a journalist for that radio station, the brother of the Ministry of Defense said that Trujillo (Junior) is stable, “In a delicate state of health, but not serious” and awaiting evolution in an intermediate care unit of the Hospital Militar de Bogotá, while receiving “non-invasive ventilation,” Morales said.

On the other hand, Mábel Lara, from Caracol Radio, assured in his program that several relatives of Carlos Holmes Trujillo They confirmed to her that the minister is recovering and optimal results of the treatment have been evidenced you undergo to stop SARS-CoV-2 in your body.

José Renán Trujillo himself spoke about the health of his brother, who directs the country’s military forces and He assured that the audio that is sent indiscriminately through social networks is false.

MinDefensa's brother trine

MinDefensa’s brother trine 

“I totally deny it. Little by little he is recovering ”, wrote the brother of the head of the Defense portfolio in his trill. “He is under the best care of the medical team at the military hospital. Little by little he is recovering ”, José Renán Trujillo concluded.

In addition, in a second publication, the brother of President Iván Duque’s cabinet member assured that “The health situation of junior (Carlos Holmes), as he spends the night, is one of permanent attention by the medical team that observes a slow and safe progress to go on the path of his recovery”said the minister’s family member, who thanked all the Colombians who expressed their concern for the health of the Ministry of Defense.

MinDefensa's brother trine

MinDefensa’s brother trine 

On the other hand, this Monday, January 18, it was known that the Commander General of the Military Forces, General Luis Fernando Navarro, was appointed as Minister of Defense in charge because the current head of the portfolio, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, continues to be hospitalized in the critical care area due to his infection by coronavirus.

“The Minister of National Defense, dr. Carlos Holmes Trujillo García, continues to be hospitalized in the critical care area, receiving permanent medical attention from the corresponding multidisciplinary group, due to the current acute respiratory infection, secondary to SARS COV-2 viral pneumonia ”, warns the statement released by the Presidency.

“After being evaluated by the medical personnel of the Military Hospital in Bogotá, it is reported that strict monitoring of his clinical condition and medical care is maintained”, continues the statement on the health of Minister Holmes.

“The Presidency of the Republic appreciates the care provided by the medical personnel of the Military Hospital. The President of the Republic and his cabinet trust in the speedy recovery of the Minister ”, reads a separate part of the Presidency letter.

Week collects that, Holmes, 69, suffers from hypertension, one of the comorbidities that represents the greatest danger in the face of covid-19.


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