MA-9 Belyash is one of the robotic bosses in Atomic Heart that the player will encounter in Chemomey at the start of the game.

Despite his bulky mechanical appearance, Belyash is surprisingly quick with his moves and attacks. He has many physical attacks up his sleeve that also involve shooting fireballs.

Having multiple eyes with the ability to rotate its head 360° allows for a much faster counter of this robot. Belyash isn’t hard to defeat, and you can easily reach the top of the fight by stunning him with the Shock and Frost attack.

Location of Belyash

You will meet Belyash during the quest titled The shoe must go on in Atomic Heart. The boss fight will take place in a theater located in the Sakhalin: Hospital 9 Land.

To get there, you need to go directly to the bridge leading to the Pavlov complex. Enter the theater through the door where you will find Belyash challenging you to a fight.

How to defeat Belyash in Atomic Heart

Beylyash is not such a difficult boss to defeat in the game. All you have to do is be able to evade his physical attacks.


Keep dodging until the Beylash gives you a small window of opportunity in which it will recover. Use it to attack and do as much damage as possible before escaping again.

Meanwhile, Belyash’s charged jump attacks can also be avoided by dodging. It will take some time to recharge, followed by the charge attack. You must jump as soon as the loading window ends to avoid damage.

Use Polymer Shield For Defense

Having a good defense in any fight is of the same importance as the offense. While fighting Belyash, he can prevent any damage from physical attacks by using Polymer Shield.

Use weapons to deal damage

In Atomic Heart, weapons are a great way to deal damage to enemies. Meanwhile, using multiple guns at the same time avoids any downtime due to reloading.

As a primary weapon, you can use Kalash as it has a high rate of fire which is essential for dealing SP damage. You’ll go through rounds much faster and when you run out you should have a spare pistol.

Use shock and freeze abilities

To maximize the deal, you can hit Belyash with attacks he is weak against. Meanwhile, Belyash is weak against Shock and Frost attacks.

Using the shock attack will temporarily stagger Belyash and eventually create an offensive attack window. You will then deal massive damage if you attack within this window.

Frost is another ability you can use against Belyash to deal frost damage. If you manage to inflict frost on Belyash, you will get a small window where you can attack without taking a counter.

Use melee weapons

You will need a lot of bravery to use a melee weapon, especially if the enemy has a strong physical attack up their sleeves. However, you will have no choice but to use a melee weapon if you run out of ammo.

Meanwhile, if you manage to defeat Belyash with a melee weapon, you will get a trophy reward called “Chop Chop Chop”.


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