NA-T256 Natasha is an optional boss in Atomic Heart that players will encounter during Testing Ground 12.

This mammoth boss shares its DNA with the sumo wrestlers of Japan with the addition of beaks on its back. Designed to work on complex repair jobs, this robot can work tirelessly for more than a day.

While fighting Nastaha, you will be hit by rockets and mines as its main. A good defense is necessary to counter the physical damage of all his attacks. In the meantime, you can be above her by using Fat Boy and hitting her with explosive attacks.

natasha location

In Atomic Heart, you will find Natasha during the chapter entitled Proving ground 12. To get to the arena, you need to go directly to the bridge leading to the Pavlov complex.

Once you have reached Sakhalin: 9 Plot Hospital, you must go to the Theater Section. Enter the theater through the door where you will find Natasha doing her performance.

How to defeat Natasha in Atomic Heart

Before the fight with Natasha, keep in mind that you won’t deal any damage if you attack with gunshots and punches. This is due to its resistance to these attacks.


Picking a weapon that produces explosions will be wise as its weaknesses lie in explosion attacks. The best weapon to choose against Natasha is Fat Boy.

However, if you want to challenge yourself with close combat, picking any high damage melee will be good against her.

You should also bolster your defenses by upgrading to a Sleazeball Shield. This shield allows you to protect yourself from all incoming attacks while making dodging more seamless.

As soon as the fight starts, Natasha will start using a whip attack which can be easily countered by Stun Animation on Atomic Heart. You also need to keep an eye out for the homing missiles she fires at you.

You should use the Sleazeball ability to protect yourself once it uses Spin Attack, which deals massive damage. Shortly after the Spin Attack, you’ll get a short attack window when it hits the ground.

During the last stage of the fight, she will also shoot mines which will follow you around the battlefield. The best way to avoid damage from mines is to shoot them in the air before they hit you.

Once all of his attacks have been dealt with, you can easily finish him off with the help of Fat Boy.


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