Despite a long list of restrictions and a long list of preventive measures by producers of series and programs that make it to television, the entertainment industry will never get rid of piracy no matter how hard it tries.

Efforts to combat the practice have changed and grown over the years, but even so, piracy sellers still find a way to keep getting the content. Whether it’s cinema movies or TV series, hackers do it all and it turns out that anime was, unfortunately, their biggest target last year.

You see, Variety magazine recently broke down Muso’s data after the organization investigated the impact of piracy in 2022. It turns out that the hot season of new anime accounted for the lion’s share of TV seasons the most pirated last year, so much so that it also created its own list of the most pirated titles among them.

For starters, the first season of Chainsaw Man it ranked second overall with 13% of annual attendance. The first season of the return of Bleach took 9% before the second season of Eminence in the shadows, Spy Family there The Rise of the Shield Hero. Another anime series also made the list courtesy of Rick and Morty’s sixth season, and then the rest of the picks were live.

It’s clear that anime has moved forward with a number of titles, but it’s not a title the industry wants to carry, again, piracy impacts every business it targets, from creators to animators and even marketers, piracy reduces revenue even if publicity for a program increases. And sadly, even some of the most popular series can’t live up to their ratings.

Chainsaw Man’s release was so big that it ranked first in hacking last year, and it’s unclear what the data for 2023 will look like a year from now. Many major series will be released this year, from Hell’s Paradise to Demon Slayer, with its third season and many more to come.

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