Alan Wake has been available for a few days for Nintendo Switch, a video published online has already highlighted the problems that the Switch version suffers from.

The catalog of Nintendo Switch aims to get bigger and bigger and if with the arrival of Nier: Automata the porting work carried out by virtuoso was particularly appreciated despite the graphic downgrade and the removal of some effects, we cannot say the same for that of Alan Wake.

Alan Wake is available on Nintendo Switch from 20 October.

The title has arrived for the home console Nintendo surprisingly, but now a published video shows a long series of defects that the version suffers from Switch.

The video, published on YouTube and ElAnalistaDeBits compares Switch and Xbox One and as shown, Alan Wake are Switch eyebrow a 594p with dock, while in the portable version they go down to 396 p.

The start of talking about the frame rate, unfortunately does not improve the situation: in some of the sequences of gameplay we do not struggle to notice 20fps reached, without being able to get close to 30.

We remember that Alan Wake is a video game originally released for Xbox 360 in the 2010: the version remastered only arrived in 2021 on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Serie X|S, eleven years after its launch it is also available on PlayStation 4 & 5.

In the meantime, we look forward to the second chapter, which is expected to launch next year. The development of Alan Wake 2 was announced during the Game Awards 2021 and will be available for Xbox Serie X|S, Microsoft (exclusively via Epic Games Store and finally also for PlayStation 5).

In the course of an interview the Finnish creator Sam Lake claimed that Alan Wake 2 it will be a survival horror unlike the first one mainly focused on action and adventure.

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