Yakuza developers confirm the success of the series

The series of Yakuza was a PlayStation exclusive for a long time, until then it also landed on the consoles of its counterpart.

As a move to incentivize its launch and ensure that the series was also played by owners of a console Microsoft, the software house and the Redmond giant have reached an agreement to bring the entire saga of Yakuza on Xbox Game Pass.

Thanks to this decision, now comes the confirmation from the developers that now the players have increased thanks to the fact of its addition to the subscription catalog.

Yakuza has more players since it also landed on Xbox Game Pass

In an interview with the portal Twininfinite, it was the head of the studio, Masayoshi Yokoyama to talk about the subject and compliment what is the service offered by Microsoft.

“We can say that the Like a Dragon series has gone completely cross-platform. Has this increased gamers considerably compared to when it was only on PlayStation? Do you think a model like the one in the Game Pass is good for Like a Dragon?”

“In terms of players, I think they have increased particularly in the West. It’s hard to say if it happened thanks to the arrival on other platforms or the change of genre and protagonist in the new series inaugurated by Yakuza: Like a Dragon, or both. Personally I believe that the fact that subscriptions like the Game Pass allow people to play the old chapters despite the past years has greatly contributed to the rise of gamers.”

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