a worker from Konami He was arrested at the company’s office in Tokyo’s Ginza district after attacking a superior in the head with a fire extinguisher. The attacker was reduced by his colleagues and the victim is out of danger in the hospital, although he had to undergo surgery for a head injury, according to the Japanese portal Livedoor (thanks, Siliconera).

According to what he told the police at the time of his arrest, the the aggressor was allegedly the victim of an abuse of power by the victimand intended to end his life, for which he will be charged with attempted murder.

However, it seems that the story between the two Konami employees once again brings to light the thorny issue of abuse of power in the work environment, something particularly pressing in Japanese society. The perpetrator had approached human resources some time ago to complain about the situation, but the decision at that time was to transfer him to another team, without taking further disciplinary action against him. of the current victim.

As of this writing, Konami has not publicly commented on the facts.

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