Publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Insular Games today announced a partnership for a To change Gravity version. The game, a two-controller shooter, will be released later in 2023.

Everything you need to know can be found in the overview below:

Old-school challenge and style collide with modern advancements and mission design in Gravitators, a twin-stick shooter that puts you in command of 4 different ships as you defend humanity against the invade! Accomplish a wide variety of mission types as you travel to Earth, the Moon, asteroids, planets and exoplanets, deep space, and even black holes! Explore to unlock hidden objectives and rewards, but always keep in mind the bonuses that will serve the mission at hand.

Inspired by classics of the genre, Gravitators retains the basics of maneuvering in tight spaces while carrying heavy objects, battling enemy spaceships, and saving fuel. Each ship you pilot changes the experience with variations in thrust, spin, and combat strategy, while gravitational forces and environmental factors threaten to slow you down or end your mission. Do you have the ability to see it?

Below is a trailer for Gravitators.

Gravitators should be available on the Switch eShop at launch. We will share the final release date once we have it.

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