When you start playing Sons of the Forest, things are quite difficult because you don’t know what to do. As the game does not provide instructions, you have to figure everything out on your own. There are also a bunch of icons around the HUD, including an arm icon. To help you understand things better, we’ve compiled a guide to explain the arm icon in Sons of the Forest.

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Forest children arm icon

The arm icon indicates your character’s strength level. This is why it can also be called the icon of strength in Sons of the Forest. If some of you haven’t paid attention to this before, you’ve made a big mistake. This is because a higher resistance level allows you to chop down trees quickly, which can help build large structures like the tree house with ease. Also, the higher your strength level, the more damage you will take from melee attacks.

Gamepur screenshot

If you want to increase your strength level, you need to invest time in activities that involve physical work. For example, felling trees and transporting logs through the forest. When the meter fills up, it resets and increases your character’s overall health. Ultimately, to get strong, you have to keep filling up the meter by doing physical activity. While it won’t make much of a difference in your first few days in the woods, you’ll need a lot of strength as you progress through the game and encounter tougher enemies.

It is important to remember that eating food also plays an important role in maintaining strength levels. If you stay constantly hungry, your strength level will also decrease. You can learn to cook food if you have trouble finding it as normal loot.


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